Former University of Tulsa Coach, Bill Self, has decided to take the job at the University of
Illinois. It seems like only a couple of months ago (actually it was), Tulsa had come up with
enough money to keep Self happy for many years to come. Apparently, they only had enough money
to keep him happy for a couple of months. Self will go to Illinois where he will inherit a load
of talent. This begs the question of who will get the Tulsa job and inherit a talented team
that returns after a 32-5 season?

Lots of speculation but one of the leading candidates appears to be Barry Hinson who is currently
the Head Coach at Southwest Missouri State. Hinson was an assistant to Self at Oral Roberts
University in Tulsa before Self took the job at Tulsa. When Self took the job at Tulsa, Hinson
took over at ORU and coached there two seasons before taking the job at SMSU last year. Tulsa
would be a step up for Hinson, plus he would avoid playing the University of Kansas this year
as SMSU recently finalized a deal to play the Jayhawks at the Sprint Shootout in Kansas City.

Other names for the Tulsa job also include University of Arkansas assistant coach, Mike Anderson
and Oklahoma State assistant Sean Sutton. Sutton appears to be a long shot as it is doubtful that
he would leave OSU at this time. He has a pretty good chance of taking over that program when his
father, Eddie Sutton retires.

If Hinson were to take the job at Tulsa, there would be a slew of candidates vying for the SMSU job.
One name that keeps popping up there is Missouri Associate Head Coach, John Hammon. He was an
assistant for Charlie Spoonhour at SMSU and has many ties to the Springfield, MO area. Buzz Peterson
turned down the job last year in a crazy scenario but could possibly be a candidate again, along with
Division II Henderson State’s Rand Chappell.

University of Miami coach, Leonard Hamilton is currently looking into the coaching job with the
Washington Wizards. Apparently he has not been taking phone calls from John Calipari but has been
talking to Lon Kruger. Hamilton is being held up by a buyout clause in his current contract that
would cost him $2 million to break his pact (see for full story).
Hamilton has been quoted as saying that he will pay the $2 million himself to take the job with
the Wizards. Think about it. He is actually going to pay $2 million for the right to coach renowned
troublemaker Rod Strickland and maybe the most underachieving talent in the NBA. Who says Michael
Jordan isn’t a great executive and negotiator?

If Hamilton takes the job with the Wizards, Miami will have plenty to attract a new coach for their
program. Not only will they have an extra $2 million to play with but they also have a highly rated
recruiting class that includes standout Darious Rice. The Hurricanes also have the nucleus from last
year’s team that advanced to the sweet 16 returning.

South Florida coach, Seth Greenberg is reportedly the leading candidate. Perry Clarke from Tulane
has also been mentioned along with some assistant coaches from major programs. Miami has the ability
to attract some pretty big names despite being the Big East School with the poorest per game
attendance last year. Selling hoops to the fans in Miami may be a job best suited for Greenburg
who has already done so at South Florida.