Abe Lemons was a fantastic basketball coach. He was an even better quote. Journalists loved him for his quick wit. Here are just a few of his more famous and humorous quotes.

“When I picked the course for them, I didn’t realize that the instructor graded on a curve and that there were 24 Indians in the class.”
Coach Lemons upon being asked how two of his players failed basketweaving

“They wanted to buy up my contract, but neither had change for 20 dollars.”
Coach Lemons, on two alumni who were dissatisfied with his performance

“You did great, son. You scored one more point than a dead man.”
Coach Lemons, to his star player, who had scored only one point in a game

“Hell no. If I die, I want to be sick.”
Coach Lemons, asked if he wanted to take up jogging


It’s that time of year. You know, when all the coaches really happy with their current jobs take a moment to “look into” other jobs just in case they find an opportunity they can’t turn down. The ironic notion in this scenario is that they are looking for “happiness” in places where the former coach was so “happy” that the school let him go.

In most cases, the coaches choose to stay in their current roles. It is a choice usually accompanied by a big fat raise.

Here is a current listing of the most recent changes to the proverbial coaching carousel.

Former Coach – Nolan Richardson
New Coach – Stan Heath

Former Coach – Pat Harris
New Coach – Jim Crews

Former Coach – Jim Molinari
New Coach – Jim Les


Finally, the dust has settled after an off-season filled with numerous coaching changes. We are now able to take a clear look at the upcoming season. The picture is also much clearer as to which conference has the best coaches.

The answer may surprise many of you. After all, there are several power conferences filled with excellent coaches. A case could be made for many of them to be the best but right now this is a one horse race, with the coaches of the Big 12 leading the way.

That’s right. It’s not the basketball rich ACC, the bruising Big Ten, the hip Pac-10, the “east coast is best” Big East or even Rick Pitino’s Conference USA. All of those conferences have coaches who can and should be considered as some of the best in the game. Yet, from top to bottom and everywhere in between, none of the aforementioned conferences can match-up with the Big 12.


Bobby Knight has not even been on the job a month, has not coached a single game or even ran his team through a practice and yet, has still had a tremendous impact on the Texas Tech athletic department.

How can that be possible, you ask. It’s quite simple. According to the Kansas City Star, Texas Tech has already sold an addition 1,159 season tickets and 173 personal seat licenses (PSL). That may not sound like a whole heck of a lot to some but the financial impact is impressive. Through the sale of additional season tickets and PSL’s, the athletic department has increased its revenue by $415,000. Not too shabby. Even by Bobby Knight’s standards.


How often do you get to say that three coaching giants like Rick Pitino, Bobby Knight and Rick Majerus are making news about their future coaching addresses on the same day? Not often. But they are all making news now.

Rick Pitino has decided that going back to Kentucky is not such a bad idea after all. He’ll be wearing Louisville red instead of Kentucky blue but he’s back in Kentucky and back in college basketball. Terms and conditions of his new contract were not disclosed.

This one move alone has cleared up the direction many schools will take in their efforts for pursuing a new coach. The domino effect is…well… in effect.

News from Lubbock is claiming that the Red Raiders have offered Bobby Knight the job and he will accept. They have already set a news conference for this coming Friday to announce the news.

Rick Majerus is in the news because he stated he will talk to Wisconsin about their newly created vacancy after the dismissal of interim coach Brad Soderberg. Majerus, the current coach at the University of Utah, is a native of Wisconsin.

Indiana took the interim tag off of Mike Davis and named him their new head coach. IU president Myles Brand announced the hiring this afternoon after two days of deliberation. Davis went 21-13 this past season, including a runner-up finish in the Big Ten Tourney and a first round loss to Kent State in the NCAA Tourney.

In other coaching news, Tennessee has bought out the remaining portion of Jerry Green’s contract. It only cost the school $1.25 million. Green’s Volunteers were 22-11 this past season including a first round loss to Charlotte in the NCAA Tourney.

$1.25 million to get rid of a coach that went 22-11 this year and 89-36 in his four-year tenure? What’s wrong with this picture?