Injection Molded Football Boots

Injection-Molded Boots

Those cheap football boots are injection-molded in Germany of POLYURETHANE FOAM, using the latest eco-friendly (no CFC’s) process. Colors are usually added to the material before molding, i.e. solid color, all the way thru. Sometimes the factory uses a cream-colored material in CLASSIC color that is later spray-painted and then lacquered. All boots are almost always solid-color.


Insoles are molded of ground natural cork and latex, covered with plaid cotton cloth. After long (years’) use, they will wear out. Replacement insoles are always available. FASHION insoles (boots & clogs) are contoured (concave) under the heels for comfort and control.

Boot Sizes

Labels on insoles show U.S. full sizes or European (or both). “H” means Men’s (Herren);”D” means ladies’ (Damen). Euro sizes are molded into boots bodies, inside (on the instep) and on the insoles.[On the front of the CLASSIC heel are markings which are not U.S.. (Ignore them!)]

No half-sizes are available. The next full size of foot is advised. On the bottoms (outside) of FASHION S&C are confusing markings for which the factory can’t give us a clear explanation. They ship to many countries whose sizes can be even weirder than ours. Please rely on the metric sizes and the relationship shown here: (Remember, you can return your JOLLYS for size exchange if necessary.)

CLASSIC: Ladie football boots are medium; about a D. Narrow feet? Wear heavy socks..AA feet? Forget it! Men’s are wide, a generous D to E. Ladies with wide feet can wear the same Euro size Men’s. They’re wider and have a lower heel.

FASHION: Ladies: a generous D: Men: generous D to E. No height difference. Ladies with wide feet can wear the same Euro size Men’s for greater width.

Football Boots Fittings

JOLLYS MUST FIT LOOSELY! They do not stretch like leather. Snug when bought: always snug! The different flexings of boot-body and insole provide the air-pumping action which ensures that JOLLYS are cool to wear.

Cleaning of football boots

JOLLYS have no crevices or seams to catch and hold mud. Just rinse them off under the faucet. Insoles may even be tossed into the washer on the gentle cycle up to 85ºF. An extra pair of insoles keeps you going until they’ve air dried. The high traction sole pattern of FASHION JOLLYS may accumulate some mud, but it’s easily washed off.


Boots are nearly indestructible. They are not affected by anything WE know of. Replacement insoles keep them going for years and years!

Boots Problems

Those are sold mainly as starter  football boots. There may be color variations, mold-marks, etc. Rarely, a new boot body may crack or split. If this happens phone, FAX or write us and we’ll send a replacement body pronto, postpaid. You keep the good body and insoles…you throw the bad one away. Our warranty is “Purchase price (less S&H) back if returned unworn (in saleable condition) within 30 days,postpaid.” One exchange for size, within 30 days, is ok: return unworn, prepaid, and we’ll send replacement prepaid. (No need to call first.)

Light, Flexible and Resistant

Those are the ideal recreational football boots. The shell, of 100% CFC-free polyurethane, is light and flexible, yet highly abrasion resistant. They are totally waterproof; thus suitable for wear under all conditions. Whether it’s rainy, snowy or sunny, your feet will always stay dry and clean.

Secure Footing

The advanced sole pattern provides secure footing, whatever the underfoot surface. The tread design insures the even hard-packed dirt will be dislodged by the flexing of the sole while you walk. Fashion Jollys are quickly slipped on and off without bending and are especially convenient when it’s necessary to leave the garden, work-place or playingfield to answer the telephone or other interruption. The almost one-inch lower heel adds stability on rough working surfaces.

Weatherproof, Comfortable and Practical

Weatherproof, comfortable, secure on the foot and practical, they are the boots for all football players. Boots have reached a new level of long-term foot comfort, whether you are walking or standing. Should the foot-cradles become soiled, they may easily be replaced by a handy spare pair or cleaned in the washer with gentle cycle up to 86 degrees F (30 degrees C). After air drying, they go back in the shoes.